How can this site improve student learning?

There are hundreds of science website resources that teachers and students have access to on the web.  Our mission as educators in Virginia is to find science websites that correlate with the SOL objectives and make it available in one place.  All sites on this website have been reviewed for content to make sure that it is a resource that can help students understand science content knowledge that correlate with VA SOL objectives.  

What does this website offer for teachers and students?

Blended Learning

Teachers can use technology websites in addition to traditional instructional techniques to offer students multiple ways to understand the science curriculum objectives. 


As an important role in education, teaching students to utilize technology applications, simulations and games makes a connection with their interests and teaches them in another way.

Future Ready Skills

Students need to have the opportunity to make connections with their learning and future skills they will need in high school, college, and their future work places. Learning from websites, using the Microsoft Office suite and collaborating with others is a start in an educational setting producing Future Ready students.

Aligned Objectives

Each science website linked on this site has been previewed and makes a connection to Virginia SOL objective.  These digital tools include vocabulary sites, simulations, games, online books and articles, and many other ways for students to engage with science websites.

What types of websites and web resources are available on this website?

There are so many high quality, ad-free websites that are available to educators, students, and families.   Every web page linked on this website is ad-free.  All museums, colleges, universities, and organizations that teach and study science have some type of online learning resource for educators.  Listed below are some of my favorite "free" organizations that produce great digital learning tools and provide the viewer with an ad-free learning experience while using it.

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